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I was born in Rome into a family of musicians in 1988.

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the successions of frames which generated the films through which I made my initial approach in design. I obtained my scientific high school diploma with a thesis entitled “ perception of time in the reality of man” , successively obtaining my masters degree in motor science.


In 2014 I opened my artist’s studio in a small loft in via lima in Rome where I initiated my pictorial research into movement. In 2015 I had my first solo exhibition at Lorenzo Cantarella’s Creative Room Art Gallery .

In 2016 my prospective on white canvas underwent a change. Turning over the white, prepared canvas, I started to work on raw canvas on the back, experimenting also with works using both sides of the canvas.

In 2019 I attained the Atelier in the MACRO Asilo Giorgio de Finis project. There I carried out research into the processes of the realisation of my works, individuating a certain methodology which I try to demonstrate to display to visitors also using zoetrope models. My Atelier project bore the name “Anima l’istante” (Activating the instant).

After the experience at MACRO Asilo I discovered that I felt the need to use a weft which had a past and a history. As a consequence of this, after sewing a picture of mine on canvas over an antique family carpet there followed a series of works on cloth which would be modified time and time again.

In 2021 I started to frequent the Elisa Montessori studio.

In that same year, feeling that the process of connection of cloth elements was blocked in a continuous unthreading and resewing, I decided to put all my research in doubt by filling the walls of my studio with recurring key words and thoughts right from my infancy. Thus I recognized the dot line of morse code as the connecting point that I used in my sewing and and suddenly the thoughts which I sought to give form to assumed a significance.

In 2023 I was contacted by the Fondazione Pistoletto regarding some photos of mine, family portraits over the years, in front of the Maestro’s work, “la smorfia“ at the Galleria Nazionale. The photos were great appreciated by the Maestro and as well as an interview on the Foundation’s Journal, there followed two important meeting with the Maestro himself.

This year i have also displayed a work for the exhibition “Vuoto”(emptiness) in the artist run space "Struttura" of Cristallo Odescalchi, in a project subdivided into different subjects involving more than a hundred artists from the Roman scene.

I was selected by Massimo Scaringella, and I displayed my work under his patronage for "Wall" at KOU Gallery.

Following on from that joint exhibition with Roberto Vignoli Light Poems in the Galleria Borghini - artisti con la luce.

On 28th October 2023 during the Rome Art Week I opened Gate30 a space performance , a temporal space of a few hours in which to visit my personal exhibition “Geografie a filo”, with a critical essay by Laura Catini. The Gate30 performance was born to create a living experience regarding the time of the places permitting the spectator to connect with the artist vision.

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