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My research explores the processes of becoming.

I have seen how row of dots becomes a story in Morse code.


I use Morse code to enter into a metaphorical time in which,

not only do I elaborate the perception seeking to decipher the signs,

but I also search for the mechanisms which from their origins lead to the future.

I sew and etch messages which are projected in a short circuit

of interconnections in time and space towards the research into and understanding of the past, the present and the Beyond.

For me, a white canvas does not exist.

In asking myself where I am now, what has brought me here and where I’m going

I have found myself interpreting the most variegated types of maps:

I have followed the rapid lines of gestures,

the prints left by shoes on antique carpets,

I have dissected the clothes which adhered to the geography of my body,

I have delved into the contours of my brain to project myself

         beyond it





and outside


finding myself in two places at the same time and,

who knows,  where,  and      what            and             when  again….



Being in space and in infinite time.



                                                                   Diana Pintaldi

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