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The art works have spontaneously displayed in the flow of wide, continuous and engaging movements. Incipit represents my debut as an artist, the choice and the acceptance of being such a person. The collection is the result of an idea which has been established in me during my scientific studies, during high school and later during my undergraduate studies of sports science.

This is an expression of the energy of the universe and of the soul of men which starts from the principles of thermodynamics. Here, where in time everything transforms itself and worsens towards entropy, the greatest objection is always characterized by men. He is able to deal with this state of nature in active or passive state. When men choose to engage in an active movement, he becomes the creator or the “re-generator”. Incipit has shaken myself from the entropy and wants to shake the spectator to do the same, by following the wide and swirling waves of my paintings. 

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