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Open studio- THE FIRST STEP - Rome Art Week (video)

The first step concerns observing a child who makes his first step which recalls the origins of our existence. It is the explorer whom we have forgotten and it is like being an astronaut on the moon. It is the new first step towards different perspectives and awareness. In each work the study of the movement travels through space and time and the present, the past and the future all overlap.

Inter-temporal questions try to find answers on the canvas, starting from the daily gestures of life, and pushing to the most inner Self up until the unknown which surrounds us.

Where do we come from? Who are we? Where will we go? In the mean time climb up..



    Mimicry is an itinerant project in the ateliers of the artists where there is a fusion between a model in the studio and the other art works of the artists involved. The photographer, Marino Festuccia, studies from time to time the intervention of the single artist on its model/installation. The project will end with the exposition of the photograph chosen to become the art work itself. 



 “You come from infinity”




    Open studio - Rome Art Week

I was among the artists of the second edition of the week of art in Rome, an event sponsored by the Lazio Region, Comune di Roma, The Sapienza University of Rome etc. 



    “Il colore nascosto delle cose” Directed by Silvio Soldini
In the movie, presented at the 74th edition of the Festival of Cinema of Venice, the director wanted some of my pieces of art: “Open heart”, “Eye”, “Tree”, “Thinking man” (present in Teo’s house- Adriano Giannini), “Skeleton” and “Orbit” (Greta’s house).  


Project of Residence MACRO: “The Tiber in Macro”

In the candidature I proposed a pictorial project, with canvas installations, in order to bring to the MACRO a path full of reflections, interactions and integration. Through the pieces of art, the visitors would enter into contact with the social contrasts contained in a world so close to them, yet so hidden, like the Tiber for Rome. Indeed, the Tiber exists merely for the most in need (homeless, outcasts) and for the most lucky (the most exclusive members of the Associations in Rome). The Tiber, as a symbol of the passing of time (as illustrated by Seneca’s concept), was also a way to represent the evolution/involution of things, city and people, “materializing” in this manner the themes of my “Incipit”.


Photographical project “Water World”

The project was created by taking inspiration from my activity of rowing on the river Tiber, and it collects several naturalistic details, and all of what happens on the waters under the City. 





Collective Exhibition for “Creative Room Art Gallery”

Curator: Lorenzo Cantarella


Personal Exhibition for “Creative Room Art Gallery”

Curator: Lorenzo Cantarella



First pictorial project “Incipit”

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